Professor Khalid Aziz, Consultant - Reservoir Simulation

  • Chemical Engineering, Ph.D., Rice University, Houston, U.S.A., 1966
  • Petroleum Engineering, B.S. & M.S., University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1958 and 1961
  • Mechanical Engineering, B.S., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A., 1955

Restec is proud to invite Professor Khalid Aziz to serve as a consultant for Reservoir Simulation. Khalid Aziz is Professor of petroleum engineering at Stanford University, Stanford. Author or co-author of over 180 technical papers, two books (Petroleum Reservoir Simulation with A. Settari, and Flow of Complex Mixtures in Pipes with G. W. Govier), and one monograph (Gradient Curves for Well Analysis and Design with J. R. Eickmeier, M. Fogarasi and G. A. Gregory). He has also made significant contributions to various editions of Theory and Practice of the Testing of Gas Wells (published anonymously by the Energy Resources Conservation Board of Alberta). He served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer for the 2003-2004 SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program. He has received several awards, including Honorary Membership -- the highest award of SPE. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering of the U.S.A.