Professor S. M. Farouq Ali,Consultant - Improved Oil Recovery

  • Petroleum Engineering, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A., 1964
  • Petroleum Engineering, M.S., Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A., 1962
  • Petroleum Engineering, B.S., Birmingham University, Birmingham, England, 1960

Restec is proud to invite Professor S.M. Farouq Ali to serve as a consultant for Improved Oil Recovery. S.M. Farouq Ali is Honorary Professor of oil and gas engineering at the U. of Calgary, and he also serves as a petroleum consultant. He served as a professor at the Pennsylvania State U. and in Alberta for over 38 years. He has authored more than 500 papers, supervised more than 200 graduate theses, and carried out more than 200 reservoir studies. Recipient of numerous awards, including two honorary doctorates from universities in Russia, he received the Petroleum Society's Distinguished Service Award in 2000, APEGGA's Summit Award in 2001, and Society of Petroleum Engineers' Improved Oil Recovery Pioneer Award in 2002.